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Saturday, 14 May 2016

How YouTubers Are Making Us Healthier

Last month we witnessed both Jim Chapman and Niomi Smart run the London Marathon, The Lean Machines release a book and Niomi Smart also announcing she is releasing a cook book. It seems like Vloggers are really embracing a healthy lifestyle and "What I Eat In A Day" videos are becoming more and more popular amongst high profile YouTubers. Twitter is now filled with fans tweeting healthy meals inspired by their favourite Internet celebrities.

As well as the rise of health and fitness online gurus vloggers are also transforming their lifestyles. Snap Chats and 'Day In the Life' videos show gym OTTDs starting the day off with a smoothie, Whole Food hauls and naughty take outs have been switched to sushi. Samantha Marie aka Beauty Crush and In The Frow have both done collabs with fitness YouTubers and shared tips on how to get motivated to work out and stay healthy whilst on holiday.

I love that Vloggers are encouraging healthy eating and exercise whilst making it aspirational to be fit and healthy. Instead of just putting make up on their wish lists nutri bullets and cook books are now just as desirable. This new trend of "What I Eat In A Day" videos do run the risk of becoming unrelatable. Younger viewers will still have their meals made by parents and I am sure Mums and Dads do not appreciate requests for expensive and hard to find grocery items. While older viewers may not have the time nor the income to mimic their fave vloggers lifestyle. I also send my regards out to all the poor students eating cereal for dinner whilst watching Niomi Smart eat at Vegan restaurants in New York.

Overall I love that vloggers are encouraging viewers to live a more healthy life and introduce new food options and exercise routines.

My favourite vloggers that encourage health and fitness without being condescending are;

 Madeline Shaw
 Amelia Liana
 Niomi Smart

Friday, 6 May 2016

YouTubers To Watch If You Are Planning A Wedding

As a Bride To Be I am amazed at how people managed to plan weddings before the Internet. Obviously Pinterest rules the roost when its comes to organisation and wedding inspirations. As a YouTube addict I wanted to try and find some Vloggers who could offer wedding tips:

Best For The Traditional Bride: Bride De Force

A product of Fleur De Force and her Sister who works as a wedding planner this channel is dedicated to brides and includes videos on choosing the perfect wedding shoe and unique save the date ideas. As well as sit down videos and tutorials there are vlogs on shopping for bridesmaid dresses and my favourite video which is a Jo Malone fragrance consultation. Fleur also mentioned in a recent vlog about relaunching the channel. Fingers crossed!

Best For The Bride On A Budget: Dizzybrunette3

Corrie from DizzyBrunette3 had the dreamiest of a proposal think New York, treasure hunts and Gossip Girl. Corrie is the realistic vloggers, she is open and honest on the difference between a dream wedding and a realistic one. When she was younger she also worked at a wedding shop and gives great tips for petite brides.

Best For The Bridezilla: Elle Fowler Glam Planner

Yes Elle Fowler, remember her? Now Elle is less known for her beauty but for planning videos. These incredibly in-depth planning videos can be applied not only to wedding planning but also honey moon planning and scrapbooking the memories when it's all over.

Friday, 22 April 2016

How To Go From Fashion Vlogger to LUXURY Fashion Vlogger

It seems as if all the vloggers are trying to make that jump from standard vloggers/blogger to luxury blogger. In The Frow leads the way ditching the crazy coloured locks and Jeffery Campbells for cool silver tones and Gianvito Rossi nude shoes.

Personally I am big fan of Victoria from In The Frow's transition, I don't see much point in hauling and reviewing Primark but when you are thinking of investing in a piece, reviews and extra information is essential.

Hello October is also attempting to make the transition. Choosing not to announce the new direction Suzie has slowly started integrating more luxury beauty products and a Chanel unboxing to her channel. Hello October has recently changed her Instgram bio confirming her aspirations to be a luxury blogger: Susannah Bonaldi Luxury style, beauty & travel blogger/vlogger.

5 ways to become a luxury vlogger:

1.) Changing your 'YouTube' name to your actual name is one of the key steps to making the move from high-street to designer. Beauty Crush changed her channel to Samantha Maria to mark her change in style and as she became more grown up she wanted her channel to reflect that.

2.) Instead of saying you are attending a press event instead refer to them as 'meetings' or VIP parties.

3.) Refer to clothing items and accessories as 'Pieces'.

4.) Shop like crazy it is now not only acceptable but expected for you to buy multiple designer items a month. Just bought a YSL bag but a week later you want to buy a Chanel one that's cool. The more designer unboxing videos you do the closer you are to reaching your goal of a luxury blogger.

5.) Holidays. Life is one long holiday for luxury vloggers/bloggers your instagram needs to be full of hotdog legs and hotel breakfast room service to show how luxurious you now are.

Why are vloggers and bloggers now wanting to class themselves as luxury ones? Victoria from In The Frow has a fashion PHD so after seeing YouTube give her opportunities to work with beauty and highstreet brands it is no wonder why she went on to pursue classic and world famous design houses. Why get given freebies from ASOS when you can get freebies from Aspinal? Not forgetting that when the majority of these vloggers started they were 5 years younger and with less of a disposable income. As their channels grow it is no surprise they have swapped Boohoo for Needle & Thread especially with the pressure of standing out at Fashion Weeks.

I for one am all for the luxury vloggers but don't want it to reach a point where you can create a drinking game of downing a shot every time they say the word 'luxury'.